Other databases

In addition to the databases with built-in support described in the preceding sections, you can connect to just about any other database using a variety of methods.

ODBC allows you to connect to any database for which you have an ODBC driver.

Other database you can use include:

  • CubeSQL: A cross-platform database server based on SQLite.

  • Valentina Database: A cross-platform columnar-based database (both embedded and server).

  • OpenBase SQL: A cross-platform database originally created for OpenStep/NeXT.

  • MonkeyBread Plugins: MonkeyBread offers plugins to connect to databases using JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), a database connectivity standard similar to ODBC. Additionally, they have plugins to directly connect to a wide variety of databases.

Xojo does not endorse any of these products. They are listed here for reference only.

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