Getting started creating Android apps

If you're new to Xojo and/or new to developing applications, there are some things you can do to get up and running quickly:

  1. Download and install Xojo.

  2. Launch Xojo and sign in (optionally) with your account.

  3. Do the QuickStart (15 minutes).

  4. Do the Tutorial (60 minutes).

  5. Get some general information about Xojo.


Android support is considered beta for 2023r2.

New to programming

Got a question?

  • The Xojo Forum is full of helpful users and members of the Xojo team. A quick search usually reveals a lot of common questions have already been answered, so be sure to take a look around before you post your questions as it might save you some time!

  • Search the Xojo Documentation to find more about your topics of interest

  • Check out our YouTube Channel

  • The Xojo Blog is the place to get tips, tutorials, examples of new features and a lot more.

  • Contact us.