This release addresses a few important issues.

Bug fixes

37242 Compiler: Fixed a regression where the compiler failed to diagnose aggregate cycles.

37161 IDE: 4 char codes used in Constants (with or without smart quotes) are again properly recognized as numeric types.

37346 IDE: Labels toggle visibility as expected.

37144 IDE: The bottom auto-layout offset is now properly set to 20.

37260 IDE: Trying to open an iOS project one Windows or Linux will give a clearer error message about iOS projects not being supported on those platforms.

37173 iOS: SQLiteDatabase: Additional parameters passed into SQLExecute, or SQLSelect, as a way to perform a prepared statement now works properly instead of randomizing the data (especially true when there was more than one additional parameter passed in).

37207 iOS: Fixed soft declares.

37164 Web: Fixed a regression for WebCheckbox on Touch devices.

35446 Web: WebLabel offsets are calculated correctly again when their initial value is an empty string.

37134 Web: WebLabels appear properly again when the containing view was set to not visible in the IDE and set to Visible in code.

37224 Windows: Text to String conversion now converts the string to UTF8 instead of UTF16. This matches the other platforms, and fixes issues involving APIs that don't modify the encoding, like calling SQLExecute.

Total: 11