Xojo 2014 Release 2.1 has several fixes for Carbon, web and the IDE.

Bug fixes

34368 Desktop: OpenGL no longer crashes after the Configure event finishes.

34334 IDE: Buy button on toolbar goes away once a license is added and the IDE window is reactivated.

34433 IDE: Control sets no longer randomly change their indexes.

34313 IDE: Deleting a Build Step that has had the name change rejected no longer causes a stack overflow exception.

34324 IDE: Destination Property editor properly saves and restores the build destination.

34326 IDE: Fixed a small visual glitch in the Windows inspector UI for BackDrop property on a Window.

34306 IDE: Style and LockedIDEPosition are visible and not visible appropriately and reload as expected. This seems to affect binary projects only.

34508 MacCarbon: Creating a new Xml class (like XmlDocument) no longer crashes.

34386 MacCarbon: Fixed a host of plugin related issues because of the difference in how we treat an empty string. One such issue was found when Database.Prepare returned Nil when it shouldn't.

34392 MacCocoa: Fixed a regression with the RegEx plugin that resulted in applications using RegEx being rejected from the Mac App Store.

34476 MySQLCommunityServer: SQLExecute and Prepared statements no longer assume the statement is UTF8 encoded.

34394 ODBCDatabase: DatabaseRecord.Insert no longer inserts the wrong value (it inserted the name of the column instead of the actual column value)

34250 Web: Hiding a WebDialog no longer causes the dialog to be removed from the internal session cache.

34438 Web: Sessions now properly cleanup and close when the Quit method is called.

34056 Web: Standalone apps no longer have their Entity and QueryString munged in HandleSpecialURL.

34310 Web: WebContainer: Fixed a regression with EmbedWithin in an Open event which caused WebLabel and WebLink to be offset.

34296 Web: WebToolbar accepts cursor changes again.

29586 Windows IDE: The WebKit based HTMLViewer that is used in our Messages Pane no longer steals keystrokes that would cause menu shortcuts like Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V to intermittently fail.

34387 Windows: Initializing COM to single-threaded apartment always for GUI apps, this fixes several unintended side effects like SelectFolder hanging.

34277 Windows: Loading a webpage from source, with the WebKit based HTMLViewer, now works again.

34351 XojoScript: Fixed the Input function returning empty strings.

Total: 21


34303 Database: SQLiteDatabase now has FTS4 enabled with unicode61 tokenizer on OS X.

34456 IDE: The contextual menu in the navigator has been disabled IF you select one of the group rows (Methods, Constants, Properties, etc) due to case 31468. When selecting other items it continues to function as before. Expect the group selection function to return in a later release.

34384 Web: WebContainer: Reverted the fix for case 28718 because it caused other issues.

34173 Windows: Reverted an update to the Webkit based HTMLViewer from CEF1 to CEF3 since the update to CEF3 introduced some issues (stability and otherwise) that require more extensive work to resolve. This revert should speed up the Webkit based HTMLViewer as it was in previous versions.

Total: 4

Docs and examples

34259 DocLangRef: Added extra pages and links to make it easier to find information about Contextual Menu in online LR.

33677 DocLangRef: Added pages for HttpSocket.ErrorCode and HttpSecureSocket.ErrorCode.

34468 DocLangRef: Removed references to REALSQLDatabase from tooltips on SQLiteDatabase page.

34475 DocLangRef: Updated FileType.Extensions property page to indicate that the "." preceding the extension is required on Windows.

34290 DocUserGuide: Updated Xojo system requirements.

34454 Examples: Updated XojoUnit AreEqual assertion to improve Double support and add support for Currency and Int64.

34305 Examples: XojoUnit Assert.Pass method now displays the passed message; added AreSame test for case-sensitive String comparisons.

Total: 7