Xojo 2014r1.1 fixes an issue building OS X apps on Windows and addresses a few other minor problems.

The SSL library was updated on Windows to fix the heartbleed bug issue. Affected components on Windows include: SSLSocket, SMTPSecureSocket, POP3SecureSocket, HTTPSecureSocket, PostgreSQLDatabase w/SSL and standalone web apps that use an SSL certificate.

For more information, see Xojo Apps and Heartbleed.

Bug fixes

32630 Compiler: Building an OS X application on Windows now works.

32668 IDE: Cloud Deployment no longer hangs at 99% complete.

32156 IDE: The type field for WebTextFields no longer shows one entry as E Additionally the Inspector Behavior editor for enum values permits values that have - in the label (which caused this bug).

32913 Linux: A BevelButton on a TabPanel no longer has its icon displaced.

32629 Linux: A Transparent Canvas on a non-Transparent (non-direct parent) Container now draws (and refreshes) in the correct position. For example a Transparent Canvas on a Transparent Parent ContainerControl that lives on a non-Transparent ContainerControl would exhibit this bug. This affected the WebStyle editor in the Linux IDE causing things to not draw/refresh properly.

32877 Linux: Controls on a TabPanel are no longer offset improperly.

32729 Linux: Remote Debugger Console no longer asserts about an undefined __error_location symbol.

32747 RegEx: No longer limited to 50 (non-subpattern) replacements.

32952 Xojo Cloud: Deployment no longer fails if you have " - " in the server name. Total: 9

Docs and examples

32652 Examples: Replaced missing Copy File Build Steps for EEWeb.