Xojo 2013r3 has many changes, improvements and fixes to the IDE, Cocoa, the documentation and more.

Bug fixes


FIX 25015 Database: MySQL/Oracle plugin: Binding a type without an associated value no longer crashes.

FIX 28071 Database: MySQLCommunityServer Plugin: No longer treating all TINYINT(X) columns as a boolean field, only when X = 1; i.e. TINYINT(1) is treated as a boolean field when the user does a RecordSet.Update, but not if the field was created as TINYINT(2) for example.

FIX 28069 Database: MySQLCommunityServer: Assigning a DatabaseField.Value to Nil now properly sets the field to NULL instead of an empty string for VarChar fields.

FIX 20064 Database: PostgreSQL Plugin: Updating or deleting a record in a RecordSet (besides the first record) using Edit and Update or DeleteRecord now works.

FIX 28066 Database: PreparedSQLStatement.Bind(values() As Variant) function no longer ignores the last array element. This affected every database plug-in except ODBC (which got it right).


FIX 24548 Debugger display uses the same editor as the code editor so the break point hit spot is the same size

FIX 28896 Debugger: No longer shows partially mangled names in the stack viewer. This was most notable with shared methods.


FIX 26390 Desktop: ContainerControl: Removed Maximize, Minimize, and Restore events since they were never triggered anyway.

FIX 22697 Desktop: IPCSockets with long paths (over 103 bytes on OS X) no longer causes crashes when connecting or listening.

FIX 19296 Desktop: SegmentedControl HelpTags are now displayed on Windows and Linux.

FIX 25112 Desktop: TextField/TextArea Mask no longer prevents the same character from being inserted, and invalid input no longer changes the text.

FIX 27655 Desktop: The framework no longer allows you to create instances of FolderItemDialog directly. One of its subclasses must be used instead.

FIX 23354 Desktop: The long obsoleted Window.CloseBox, GrowIcon, and ZoomIcon properties have been removed.


FIX 23265 Framework: Instr now returns the correct result when dealing with base and search strings of different encoding.

FIX 26721 Framework: JSONItem now supports values of type Single.


FIX 28809 Home & End keys work again on OS X

FIX 26201 IDE: After duplicating an item, the duplicate is selected.

FIX 24740 IDE: All the bottom pane titles are localized.

FIX 29011 IDE: Build Automation items change their names when you update them in the Inspector.

FIX 26525 IDE: Build Automation: Fixed a NilObjectException in the Copy File Step Editor when you try to remove a missing file.

FIX 27461 IDE: Build errors list clears before next build.

FIX 27451 IDE: Canceling the export of localized values no longer causes an exception.

FIX 28167 IDE: Changing a controls super class on a web page works again.

FIX 28788 IDE: Closing the parent item no longer changes the selection to be multiple selection.

FIX 27333 IDE: Constants inside modules inside modules no longer refuse to allow you to change them.

FIX 12038 IDE: ContainerControls AcceptTabs property shows correctly in the Inspector.

FIX 23492 IDE: Controls being dragged now appear on top of all other controls during the drag.

FIX 27994 IDE: Converting methods and properties to / from shared updates the Navigator properly.

FIX 23518 IDE: Copying and pasting items into a folder no longer results in multiple items with the same name.

FIX 28717 IDE: Custom project controls disappear from the Library when they are removed from the project.

FIX 26984 IDE: Debugger: Clicking edit takes you to the right method.

FIX 20640 IDE: Debugger: Fixed being unable to step into namespaced classes that have the same name as framework classes.

FIX 26375 IDE: Debugger: The debugger always opens in its own tab

FIX 28145 IDE: Debugger: The filter field does nothing on the tab that holds the debugger so you cannot use it to accidentally move focus to something else.

FIX 28055 IDE: Debugger: When we stop on a break point in the debugger and hit "Edit" we actually go to the editor (but maybe in a different tab so we don't navigate away from the debugger in the tab it's running in).

FIX 28139 IDE: Deleting menu items from a menu bar no longer causes an assertion.

FIX 28217 IDE: Duplicating a Web page with controls properly retains all the UI components as well.

FIX 27038 IDE: Editing a container control as a project item and setting the tab stop property no longer causes an assertion.

FIX 28179 IDE: External WebDialogs in projects no longer cause compilation errors.

FIX 29227 IDE: File metadata, like Finder comments, are now preserved when saving projects.

FIX 28874 IDE: Find field no longer gets focus simply deactivating and activating the IDE.

FIX 28212 IDE: Fixed a bug in the interface editor which caused an IDE assertion if one or more interfaces were implemented by the current item but no longer existed in the project.

FIX 28023 IDE: History navigation in the local Language Reference should be more reliable.

FIX 27733 IDE: IDE Scripting IPCSocket is now named XojoIDE (instead of REALStudioIDE).

FIX 24561 IDE: Illegal cast exception of Int32's when reading preferences no longer occurs.

FIX 28300 IDE: Images on redirect pages in the offline Language Reference window should render properly.

FIX 28800 IDE: Initial values show properly in the PopupMenu inline editor again.

FIX 29044 IDE: Making controls member of control sets no longer switches the selection.

FIX 27159 IDE: Messages sent to the messages pane via System.DebugLog no longer eat backslashes.

FIX 22263 IDE: Methods with non-ASCII characters are now displayed correctly in the stack frame list.

FIX 28695 IDE: Minor updates to build settings.

FIX 26199 IDE: Navigator now remembers its place after a Debug run.

FIX 27426 IDE: Navigator: Collapsing the group row when an item in the group is selected longer shifts the navigator to the "top" or overall view but to the enclosing row

FIX 25503 IDE: Navigator: Deleting an event, constant, method etc no longer shifts the navigator to the "top" or overall view but to the enclosing row

FIX 24052 IDE: Navigator: Deleting the selected item no longer resets the list to the top of the project.

FIX 26962 IDE: Navigator: Double clicking when you have a filtered list or the unfiltered navigator list obeys the double click open new tab preference as expected

FIX 28098 IDE: Navigator: Make it so removing an implemented event actually doesn't write it to the project so it doesn't magically reappear after removing it

FIX 24385 IDE: Navigator: Selection now redraws properly when several items are deleted.

FIX 27565 IDE: No longer asserts when reading old plist data but does NOT load it.

FIX 28974 IDE: No longer crashes if a WebSDK control has an empty NavigatorIcon constant.

FIX 24410 IDE: No longer raises NilObjectException when a file path cannot be located.

FIX 28696 IDE: No longer read and write the Class View Property Inherited From as we actually recalculate it anyways.

FIX 28532 IDE: No longer shows internal interfaces twice.

FIX 28910 IDE: Now longer allow delegates, properties, events, methods, etc. to be added to web styles.

FIX 22336 IDE: Old projects that saved colors would sometimes NOT read the value back correctly in Xojo resulting in the color appearing to be truncated.

FIX 28629 IDE: On Mavericks, file tags are now preserved when saving projects.

FIX 29098 IDE: On OS X, the parameters field no longer changes apparent font size when you put focus back into it.

FIX 28417 IDE: On Windows and Linux the popup menu for setting the group no longer contains a separator as it is/was selectable and this is just wrong there.

FIX 28530 IDE: On Windows, Local Language Reference should now work with User accounts on drives other than C:.

FIX 28025 IDE: Profile Code is no longer treated like a project property and is moved to the "Project" menu much like Break On Exceptions.

FIX 20031 IDE: Rapidly removing rows in the web style editor no longer causes stack overflows.

FIX 28021 IDE: Removing ContainerControls from windows now longer can cause crashes.

FIX 28726 IDE: Report Editor no longer randomly switches to another tab.

FIX 27324 IDE: Scope on methods inside modules inside modules acts as expected (this is closely related to 27333).

FIX 28599 IDE: Search pane sets itself up properly when you alter the location in the Navigator.

FIX 27932 IDE: Search results for web projects properly include the control name so when you click the result row it can go to the right spot.

FIX 23961 IDE: Select super no longer shows interfaces.

FIX 27059 IDE: Selecting a BUILDS folder for a project no longer raises an exception.

FIX 28056 IDE: Selecting text in the Code Editor and contextual clicking and selecting "Find" does the find and populates the search pane and its field showing what was searched for.

FIX 27157 IDE: Selecting to add a new external script or modifying the properties of an existing one allows you to pick either an RBS or Xojo Script.

FIX 26624 IDE: Setting the row and/or column count of a WebRadioGroup to a large value when the group is set to be quite small no longer asserts.

FIX 27822 IDE: Show all breakpoints works again.

FIX 28190 IDE: Spotlight query dropped on a window no longer gets a complaint about not having a default constructor.

FIX 3352 IDE: Stepping quickly in the debugger no longer can cause the debugged application to resume.

FIX 26849 IDE: Syntax help messages in the lower pane should no longer show odd captions.

FIX 27114 IDE: Tabs should no longer get out of sync when reordering.

FIX 20327 IDE: Templates folder can now contain sub folders again.

FIX 199 IDE: The application being debugged no longer 'randomly' crashes. This occurred most often when stepping quickly in the debugger or stepping out of methods.

FIX 22587 IDE: The code assistant for creating new method from selected text no longer chokes on methods called like: Self.MethodName( parameters )

FIX 16827 IDE: The issue that caused projects to warn that data would be lost on save has been fixed. Some data is supposed to be skipped, as it is no longer required but is created by older IDEs.

FIX 22092 IDE: The load of the project Navigator now examines this timestamp to know if it should in fact reload, which should reduce the number of times it is reloaded.

FIX 12355 IDE: The local Lang Reference now support searching for #pragma etc and also works if you select #pragma in the code editor.

FIX 20528 IDE: The main toolbar can now be hidden and shown.

FIX 27928 IDE: The report layout editor no longer accepts non-report controls.

FIX 28715 IDE: Typing speed should be greatly improved.

FIX 28198 IDE: Updater no longer refers to the IDE as Real Studio.

FIX 28614 IDE: View behaviors are honored properly and do not reset themselves when you place the first instance on the page. And they are retained when you save and reopen projects.

FIX 20953 IDE: When adding a method and editing the name pressing tab moves you to the next logical part of the method definition (parameters then return type and then scope).

FIX 23813 IDE: When building with languages that may turn the word "Untitled" into a multi-word phrase "Ohne Titel" it was possible that we would craft an invalid project item name with a space in it, which could cause compilation errors.

FIX 28693 IDE: When saving a version control project, spaces are no longer added around the CompatibilityFlags section of a ComputedProperty declaration.

FIX 29057 IDE: When you change the name of a method (in a group of overloaded ones or on an individual one) you DON'T get an extraneous new row in the Navigator .

FIX 27848 IDE: When you delete a code item (method , event, menu handler etc) the editor is also closed so the code is no longer present.

FIX 28559 IDE: XML projects are now saved in a way the OLD UI can open them without visual anomalies. NOTE : XML projects will NOT open their saved state the first time you open them. Once saved again they will.

FIX 25504 IDE: You can always insert a project item when the project is open regardless of whats selected (or not).

FIX 27270 IDE: You can copy & paste controls on a report. The library also switches to showing report controls when you edit a report.


FIX 27185 Lingua: "Export -> To Application" now copies over framework strings when running on OS X. This makes it more accurately match the applications that the IDE builds.

FIX 28819 Lingua: Fix for "black" text backgrounds.


FIX 27768 Linux IDE: Closing the help window, before loading has completed, no longer crashes.

FIX 24996 Linux IDE: MenuBar and ToolBar icons now appear properly in the Navigator instead of showing up as white boxes.

FIX 29425 Linux IDE: Recent projects list in the Project Chooser dialog no longer has missing project icons.

FIX 8148 Linux IDE: Typing accented characters in the code editor now works.

FIX 26760 Linux IDE: WebButton and WebSegmentedControl now render properly in the layout editor.

FIX 26410 Linux: Filling, Scrolling, and then Clearing TextArea no longer crashes.

FIX 23744 Linux: FolderItem.CreationDate: Setting the creation date on Linux now throws an UnsupportedOperationException.


FIX 28277 MacCocoa: EndOfLine's comparison operator works correctly.

FIX 18455 MacCocoa: Fix rotated PixMapShapes drawing a white background.

FIX 27922 MacCocoa: Fixed a crash that occurred when HTMLViewer.UserAgent was read without previously assigning to it.

FIX 26878 MacCocoa: Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to iterate over an alias that didn't resolve.

FIX 28166 MacCocoa: If a MenuItem that has a descendent that isa ApplicationMenuItem is added to the menubar, the menubar now notices and places the ApplicationMenuItem in the correct place.

FIX 23015 MacCocoa: Mouse move events now work correctly after transitioning to full-screen mode

FIX 27836 MacCocoa: Non-textual strings (buckets of bytes) in AppleEvents are now sent as typeData instead of being sent as typeUnicodeText.

FIX 28134 MacCocoa: ServerSockets now are now polled regularly instead of relying on user events.

FIX 27595 MacCocoa: StyledText.Font and TextArea.SelTextFont now return font family names instead of Postscript names. Note that this still may not be the exact name that you assigned to the property due to things like font fallbacks.

FIX 28230 MacCocoa: The maximum number of visible rows in a ComboBox has been increased to 15 from 5. If you wish to adjust the number, the following declare can be used (passing in the ComboBox's handle for 'controlHandle'): Declare Sub setNumberOfVisibleItems Lib "AppKit" selector "setNumberOfVisibleItems:" ( controlHandle As Integer, count As Integer )

FIX 28228 MacCocoa: Threads now yield reliably when there are no timers, user input events, or sockets.

FIX 28333 MacCocoa: Threads now yield reliably when there are no timers, user input events, or sockets.

FIX 6145 MacCocoa: Toolbars appear properly on full screen windows.

FIX 28196 MacCocoa: Trailing separators are now stripped from menus after calling EnableMenuItems instead of before.


FIX 21265 Navigator: Styles can no longer be placed within modules

FIX 24576 Navigator: When you delete a group row (methods, constants, etc) it will now delete all the contained items NOT the parent item.

FIX 27531 Plugin SDK: Calling REALUnlockPictureDescription no longer crashes for Console pictures.

FIX 8715 PluginSDK: Updated readme.txt.

FIX 27560 Replace/ReplaceB: now returns the source string unchanged when the search string is an empty string

FIX 28551 Search pane no longer steals focus

FIX 26942 Templates: Updated CGI, Service and Console templates for Xojo.


FIX 28838 Web: Added user-agent support for Internet Explorer 11.

FIX 27718 Web: Duplicating a web view (web page, web container, web dialog) properly duplicates all the controls on that container.Not duplicating the contained controls was particularly noticeable if you clicked on the item in the navigator & selected duplicate. The resulting copy would not have the controls on it.

FIX 26488 Web: Fixed a bug in WebSegmentedControl where ListIndex couldn't be set to -1.

FIX 28028 Web: Fixed the expiration date for cookies.

FIX 28316 Web: Hide the IE10+ clear button on WebTextField.

FIX 27841 Web: The WebSessionContext constructor now requires the WebSession parameter.

FIX 28888 Web: WebContainer scrollbar visibility can now be set at runtime.

FIX 21278 Web: WebControls now consistently change appearance when enabled/disabled.

FIX 15800 Web: WebDialog now obeys WebStyles that are applied to it.

FIX 27929 Web: WebImageView PictureChanged event is no longer sent to the server if the PictureChanged event is not implemented.

FIX 28103 Web: WebSession LanguageCode now uses the first preferred language when a browser supplies more than one.

FIX 24611 When you delete a code item (event, method , etc) the editor gets closed as well so it doesn't leave a phantom item behind


FIX 28731 Windows IDE: Added ability to choose an ActiveX Control for an OLEContainer by right-clicking on it and selecting "Choose ActiveX Control".

FIX 27906 Windows IDE: Entering Japanese strings using IME in the code editor no longer puts the first character at the end.

FIX 28180 Windows IDE: Inspector no longer flickers when you hide/show it.

FIX 28669 Windows IDE: Typing in the code editor no longer mangles words (i.e. it no longer inserts characters out of order).

FIX 27867 Windows/Linux IDE: Pressing Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down in the code editor now scrolls the content one line up or down respectively.

FIX 27375 Windows: App.LongVersion returns the Long Version info again, instead of the Product Name info. Also added a File Description version info to the Windows build settings (this was mapped to Package Info so to maintain compatibility if Package Info is filled but File Description is not, we use the Package Info string to fill the version info). App.PackageInfo will always return the Package Info string, even if the File Description field is filled out and Package Info is blank.

FIX 27859 Windows: Assigning a picture, that includes an alpha channel, as an Icon for a MenuItem now works instead of raising an UnsupportedOperationException.

FIX 28259 Windows: DrawPicture with Graphics.Transparency > 0 no longer leaks memory.

FIX 26981 Windows: Fixed a bug with how file types are registered prevented file drops on controls after an OpenDialog with a filter was assigned.

FIX 28413 Windows: Listbox: Calling EditCell on the same cell that is being edited, no longer clears the contents.

FIX 23050 Windows: MouseWheel events are now received for controls that have the focus, regardless of where the mouse cursor is. This matches the default behavior on Windows.

FIX 27439 Windows: OLEObject no longer crashes when passing a non-variant array.

FIX 27805 Windows: PushButtons, Checkboxes, and RadioButtons on a TabPanel no longer disappear when the Alt key is pressed.

FIX 23572 Windows: Refreshing the Listbox on in tight loops now works properly.

FIX 23509 Windows: Running different versions of the IDE is now possible (at least starting with 2013r3 onward). For example: Running 2013r3 first, then 2013r2 is not possible, Running 2013r2 first and then 2013r3 will work, Running 2013r3 and any future version of Xojo in any order will work.

FIX 26638 Windows: Variant string to double conversion no longer returns bad values in cases where a 3rd party has set a default locale (i.e. Venice COM component).

New items

NEW 28714 Desktop: Added MenuItem.Handle, which provides access to the appropriate underlying platform menu implementation. If the requested handle type doesn't make sense for the platform the application is running on, a PlatformNotSupportedException is raised.

CocoaNSMenuItem - Returns the underlying NSMenuItem. If there is a submenu, the NSMenu can be got through NSMenuItem's submenu method.

WindowsParentHMENU - Returns the HMENU of the MenuItem if it is a submenu, otherwise it returns the parent's HMENU

WindowsCommandID - Returns the unique menu item identifier for the MenuItem, used by various Win32 APIs such as GetMenuItemInfo

Note: If you modify the contents or structure of the menu in any way (i.e. using declares with these values) the behavior is undefined

NEW 27520 Desktop: Window/ContainerControl: Added Invalidate method.

NEW 27908 IDE: Building a web or console project no longer says "Carbon" as the framework since that makes no sense .

NEW 28099 IDE: Buy now button exists and has an icon now.

NEW 28755 IDE: Default is to show Library instead of Inspector when starting a new project and selecting the initial layout.

NEW 28223 IDE: Disabling animations for now as there are a handful of crashes that relate back to them being enabled. Will reappear when we can do them in a way they don't cause problems.

NEW 21957 IDE: Encoding marker for XML project files added.

NEW 28264 IDE: Items in Tab Order Editor with a text property (Labels, TextFields and TextAreas) will be listed with the contents of that field following the name.

NEW 27943 IDE: Library: Filter field is now at the top. User custom subclasses of controls have a section. Made it possible to shrink the library further than you can now. Filter respects the popup and acts as a search in selected group. Popup switches to show "report controls" when you switch to a report layout. Subclasses of web control now show in the project controls. Web SDK controls now show in the project controls. Web dialogs (but not web pages) show in the project controls.

NEW 26262 IDE: Library: The library filter is now at the top.

NEW 24694 IDE: Navigator: Contextual clicks on any single item will have an additional contextual menu item that will "Find" use of the items name in the project. This works for project items & code items (constants, properties, events, event definitions, etc)

NEW 27097 IDE: Now supports full screen mode on OS X Lion or newer.

NEW 27334 IDE: Right clicking on an item in the Navigator again includes "Find" as an option.

NEW 26260 IDE: The Library automatically switches to show report controls when viewing a report.

NEW 27986 IDE: The main window, the IDE script editor, and the Language Reference windows can now be made full-screen on OS X Lion and above.

NEW 24491 IDE: You can make the library a lot smaller now (half its current minimum width).

NEW 21308 IDE: You can make the navigator a LOT narrower (still not down to 0 width though).

NEW 27193 Lingua: Lingua is now a Cocoa application.

NEW 27901 MacCocoa: A new property, FullScreenButton, has been added to the Window class. This specifies whether or not the Lion-style fullscreen button will be present in the window's titlebar at runtime.

For a window which has the FullScreenButton property set, the window's FullScreen property will reflect the state of the window. It can also be used to adjust the full screen state.

On Snow Leopard, the FullScreenButton does nothing and the FullScreen property continues to behave as it did before.

NEW 26003 Run in tab is implemented

NEW 28528 Web: Added a File property to WebRequest for spooling a file directly from disk.

NEW 19124 Web: Files uploaded through WebFileUploader are now spooled to disk when the request is over 256K if the web app has the ability to write to the temporary folder.


CHANGE 28366 Database: MySQLCommunityServer, ODBCDatabase, and MSSQLServer: removed the Multithreaded property. A SQLSelect or SQLExecute statement is now implicitly executed pre-emptively dependent on whether or not it was called from a Xojo thread.

CHANGE 22801 IDE: Added basic Marketing messages for unlicensed users.

CHANGE 29262 IDE: Local Language Reference updated as of Sep 1, 2013.

CHANGE 28564 IDE: Local Language Reference updated for 2013r3 (as of July 30 , 2013).

CHANGE 28577 IDE: More localization updates.

CHANGE 29029 IDE: New local Language Reference updated as of Aug 23th.

CHANGE 28835 IDE: Updated LR for as of Aug 14, 2013.

CHANGE 28083 Lingua: Updated to new Xojo icons.

CHANGE 28403 Profiler results show in a Profiles section instead of the Run section since the debugger now runs in a tab of its own

CHANGE 28513 removed implementations of maximize, minimize & restore from action cancel buttons

CHANGE 29143 Web: Overloaded the WebSDK LoadLibraries method to take a String Array so library lists can be built incrementally.

CHANGE 28286 Web: WebFiles can now point directly at a Folderitem and the framework will send data to the socket incrementally in 64K chunks, so we don't have to load the whole thing into RAM first.

WebFile.Open now takes a second parameter InMemory as Boolean (defaults to True) which allows you to determine whether you want the data to be loaded into memory or not. Please note that if you decide to point to a folderitem, the Data property becomes Read Only.

CHANGE 29096 Windows/Linux: Accessing the UI from a non-main thread now raises a ThreadAccessingUIException.

CHANGE 27699 Windows: No longer triggering an immediate refresh after a single control has moved/resized. We now wait until all controls have repositioned before refreshing.

Documentation and examples

FIX 28628 DocLangRef: Clarified how XMLDocument.PreserveWhiteSpace works.

FIX 19944 DocLangRef: Clarified that the IDE Script PropertyValue command only allows you to get or set predefined property values (stuff in the Inspector) for framework project items.

FIX 29122 DocLangRef: Clarified UI access from threads in Thread and ThreadAccessingUIException.

FIX 28941 DocLangRef: Fixed error in example for TextOutputStream.

FIX 28641 DocLangRef: Fixed RegEx table entry so that it is not messed up by wiki parser for "|" character.

FIX 29248 DocLangRef: Fixed typo in example for Application.NonReleasedVersion.

FIX 29080 DocLangRef: Fixed typo in example for GameInputManager.WaitForElement.

FIX 28105 DocLangRef: Fixed typo in example for SQLiteDatabase.

FIX 28813 DocLangRef: Fixed typo in wiki for XojoScriptAlreadyRunningException.

FIX 28598 DocLangRef: FolderItemDialog.CancelButtonCaption cannot be changed on OS X or Linux.

FIX 28155 DocLangRef: For Each…Next page updated with additional information.

FIX 29076 DocLangRef: Indicate that HTMLViewer.Print does not work with OS X Carbon apps.

FIX 29089 DocLangRef: Methods on WebPage topic had incorrect super class causing some problems with the links.

FIX 28152 DocLangRef: Moved Office class names out of Reserved Words page and to Office Automation page.

FIX 28291 DocLangRef: Noted that ToolStyleSeparator is not supported on OS X 10.7 and later.

FIX 28992 DocLangRef: On page for Optional, clarified use of multiple optional parameters.

FIX 27947 DocLangRef: Removed "Real Studio" reference from example in EncodeHex topic.

FIX 28377 DocLangRef: Removed lingering references to RBScript and Realbasic.

FIX 23924 DocLangRef: Updated IDE Scripting to show currently available build values for CurrentBuildTarget.

FIX 10388 DocLangRef: Updated ListBox.ColumnType and CellType to include TypeEditableTextField and TypeEditableTextArea.

FIX 24240 DocLangRef: Updated Semaphore example.

FIX 28799 DocLangRef: Updated Thread.Run notes and example.

FIX 29054 DocLangRef: WebAnimator.Play is used to start the animation, not "Run".

FIX 26868 DocUserGuide: Added additional information about Console Remote Debugger.

FIX 28252 DocUserGuide: Fixed typo in MonthPopup example in Example Subclasses section of User Guide Book 1: Fundamentals, Chapter 6: Classes.

FIX 28892 DocUserGuide: Updated Development book to correctly indicate Command+Option on OS X is used to drag external items into projects.

FIX 20131 Examples: Added a simple example for Build Automation that uses a script to save the project before building or running.

FIX 10067 Examples: Added examples for extension methods, method assignment, ByVal and Parameter Arrays.

FIX 28101 Examples: AddressBook: Removed old Fax number from sample AddressBook record.

FIX 28464 Examples: Changed user from "realsoftwarevideo" to "goxojo" for YouTube example.

FIX 28345 Examples: Cleaned up license and project settings in SynchronousTCPSocketClass.

FIX 28465 Examples: Fixed a crash in Line State Change Tester that occurred when a serial port was not selected before clicking the watch button.

FIX 29111 Examples: Fixed issue with 8Queens example not always allowing its thread to quit.

FIX 28490 Examples: Fixed RadioButton width for OS X and Linux in GroupBox example.

FIX 28441 Examples: Removed YahooYQL example as the service is relied on is no longer available.

FIX 28340 Examples: ServerSocketClientTest, ServerSocketServerTest: Changed port to 11234 to reduce potential usage; prevent client from requesting new sockets when none are available.

FIX 28346 Examples: TwilioAnswerCall example can now be run from IDE in debug mode.

FIX 28371 Examples: WebServer example now creates ServerRoot folder on desktop if it is not available.

NEW 22600 DocLangRef: Added example for ActionNotificationReceiver.

NEW 28691 DocLangRef: New ContainerControl examples have been added.

NEW 29291 DocLangRef: Updated Structure page to refer to User Guide Book 3: Framework, Chapter 10: Advanced Features, Section 5: Structures for more information.

NEW 28343 Examples: SOAPConversionRate: Added default currency codes and included link to currency codes.