Xojo 2013r3.2 reduces CPU usage with threads, has a Remote Debugger change for OS X 10.9 Mavericks and a few other bug fixes.

Bug fixe

FIX 26915 All: Fixed a bug that could cause crashes on quit if two or more threads were running (excluding the main thread).

FIX 29930 All: Threads now are reliably killed when quitting the application.

FIX 29840 IDE: WebPopupMenu initial value can be edited once set.

FIX 29954 Linux IDE: Clearing the Navigator filter (by pressing the 'x' icon) no longer causes a stack overflow.

FIX 29747 MacCocoa: Fixed an assertion that occurred when REALcontrols with the REALinvisibleControl flag set were placed on a window.

FIX 29633 MacCocoa: Fixed excessive CPU usage when there were multiple threads running but all of them were sleeping or blocking on a lock.

FIX 29975 MacCocoa: The SQLite database plugin dylib is now code signed.

FIX 30147 MacCocoa: Threads with a priority of one now get yielded to correctly.

FIX 27374 Remote Debugger Stub: Now disables OS X Mavericks' App Nap feature while a file is being transferred to the stub.

FIX 29827 Web: Hidden WebContainer and WebDialog children controls are now refreshed properly when the container is shown.

FIX 29327 Windows: Reduced CPU usage when multiple threads are alive but only one of them is running (i.e. all other threads are sleeping or blocked on a lock). This is most notable on single core machines, where the idle CPU usage could approach 100%.

FIX 30218 Windows: Timers created on a secondary thread now fire properly on the main thread.

FIX 29040 Windows: Using COM/OLEObject from a thread no longer raises an exception (CO_E_NOTINITIALIZED or -2147221008).

New items

NEW 29812 IDE: ™ has been changed for ® since Xojo is now a registered trademark.


CHANGE 28003 IDE: In the Layout Editor, Windows now draw as active on OS X Mavericks.