Xojo 2013r2 has many changes, improvements and fixes to the IDE, Cocoa, the documentation and more.

Bug fixes

FIX 27506 Database: MySQLCommunityServer Plugin no longer crashes or gives incorrect values when querying DECIMAL fields on a RecordSet returned by a Prepared Statement.

FIX 27522 Database: With SQLiteDatabase, the RecordSet is now editable if the rowid is includes in the SELECT when there is no other primary key.

FIX 27012 Debugger Stub Desktop: Fixed a text error on the Download Directory Not Found dialog.

FIX 24676 Desktop: CancelClose is now triggered for each window before any window closes.

FIX 23638 Desktop: Control.DrawInto no longer throws an exception if the control's width or height are 0 (or less).

FIX 27485 Desktop: Setting the ListBox.HeaderType to NotSortable now works properly.

FIX 27045 Doc: Added example code to Debugger section of Upgrade Guide.

FIX 27875 Doc: Added NativePath to FolderItem section.

FIX 26889 Doc: Removed iBooks Author plugin doc.

FIX 27290 Doc: Updated examples in SQLite section to ensure they all use SQLiteDatabase.

FIX 27505 Doc: Updated User Guide to indicate the Notes for CGIApplication are in the template itself, not the Lang Ref.

FIX 27044 Doc: Upgrade Guide updates.

FIX 26825 Doc: Uploaded latest version of "Introduction to Programming with Xojo" for wiki/web site.

FIX 23376 DocLangRef (local): Encodings section now displays the Encoding Names table.

FIX 27048 DocLangRef: Added &b, &h, &o, * and \ to Math category.

FIX 15114 DocLangRef: Added missing BinaryStream.ReadByte method.

FIX 21994 DocLangRef: Clarified framework method display in RuntimeException.Stack.

FIX 27351 DocLangRef: Clarified use of Exit to exit a function or sub.

FIX 15960 DocLangRef: Corrected Word example in OLEObject.

FIX 27417 DocLangRef: Fixed operator links on Operator Compare page.

FIX 27435 DocLangRef: Fixed typo in examples for Database.Error and Database.ErrorCode.

FIX 26623 DocLangRef: Fixed typo on AddHandler page.

FIX 15868 DocLangRef: Removed duplicate methods on TextField.

FIX 15115 DocLangRef: Removed EOF from BinaryStream properties as it already appeared as method because it is part of the Readable interface.

FIX 12381 DocLangRef: Removed MySQLEnterpriseServer.

FIX 27835 DocLangRef: TextOutputStream.Delimiter now indicates it uses platform default for EndOfLine.

FIX 9584 DocLangRef: Updated FolderItem.Child to specify when Nil is returned.

FIX 26264 DocLangRef: Updated FolderItem.NativePath to indicate a trailing slash is not included for folders on OS X.

FIX 27512 DocLangRef: Updated IPCSocket topics to use FolderItem.NativePath.

FIX 21995 DocLangRef: Updated to RuntimeException.Stack to indicate the current method name is displayed.

FIX 26901 DocLR: Added topics for ListSelectionNotificationReceiver and ListSelectionNotifier.

FIX 25824 Examples: Fixed SlidersWeb control order problem.

FIX 26869 Examples: Updated the paths to the graphics used by XojoUnitDesktop.

FIX 26795 Framework: Application super classes now fire any no param constructors they may have had.

FIX 27359 Framework: Certain kinds of arrays stored in variants no longer cause crashes when later using methods in the Runtime module.

FIX 27431 Framework: The 'Format' function no longer leaks memory with certain patterns.

FIX 27357 Framework: The framework now disallows creating StyledTextPrinter objects via "New". This never has been useful and could cause crashes. You must get them from TextArea.StyledTextPrinter.

FIX 25707 IDE: About window now closes when you press the appropriate platform "close window" key combination.

FIX 14684 IDE: Altering the tab order in a web project dirties the project as expected.

FIX 27905 IDE: An issue in the code that could lead to an infinite loop, when using one of the Asian languages like Japanese, has been fixed.

FIX 24953 IDE: Can no longer add modules to Windows or Web Pages.

FIX 27470 IDE: Changed how constants for web projects are resolved to prevent a NilObjectException.

FIX 26780 IDE: Control indexes should not be incremented by 2 each time you duplicate an existing one.

FIX 23492 IDE: Controls being dragged now appear on top of all other controls during the drag.

FIX 14137 IDE: Copy and duplicate for databases are disabled as they really can't be duplicated

FIX 26525 IDE: Copy files steps will properly copy from one project to another. Note that this will mean that copy backwards to 2012r2.1 and earlier still wont work (can't fix old versions) unless the project is saved first and copied from 2012r2.1 and earlier. Copying from 2012r2.1 and earlier to 2013r1 should not cause exceptions BUT since those older version don't put much information on the clipboard the file list may not be copied.

FIX 13154 IDE: Copy/pasting Control Sets no longer skips index 0.

FIX 26932 IDE: Debugger is not inadvertently closed when using the history (back/forward) navigation buttons in some cases.

FIX 26659 IDE: Debugger is not inadvertently closed when using the history (back/forward) navigation buttons in some cases.

FIX 27705 IDE: Delete and Cut in the menu no longer kill the running app if you have it selected and try to use those short cuts or menu items.

FIX 26651 IDE: Duplicating a report control now properly selects the newly added one. Selecting controls on the layout properly highlights the rows in the navigator and vice versa.

FIX 24406 IDE: Editing several report controls at the same time work again.

FIX 26801 IDE: Editing subrows that are a menu item array no longer causes an exception.

FIX 27010 IDE: Empty copy files steps now load properly.

FIX 26939 IDE: Entering the name field and pressing enter without changing anything no longer marks the project dirty.

FIX 26121 IDE: Exteral items now properly display event handlers that have no code after reloading the project.

FIX 26949 IDE: Fixed an error in international input where selecting from the suggestion drop down that shows up in languages like Japanese could replace the wrong incomplete text.

FIX 25718 IDE: Fixed an issue where if you had one item in a control array it would allow you to add another control of a differing type to the array just by renaming it OR if you selected two different types of controls you could make a control array out of them.

FIX 27519 IDE: Fixed one more straggler in the Xojo name switch.

FIX 27152 IDE: Help->Tutorials no longer shows a "Page Deleted" webpage.

FIX 26095 IDE: Importing items no longer lists the items twice. The hierarchy is maintained upon import and the Navigator is updated properly.

FIX 27080 IDE: Inspector no longer tries to open with width or height = 0 in certain situations.

FIX 26674 IDE: Jump bar shows Xojo document icon.

FIX 14605 IDE: LangRef no longer crashes when displaying some pages.

FIX 27428 IDE: Length fields of columns in the database editor can now be changed.

FIX 24486 IDE: Loading projects no longer drops parenting.

FIX 23623 IDE: Login confirmation dialog no longer shows the current document name.

FIX 26642 IDE: Modified file indicator is now properly cleared after saving.

FIX 27385 IDE: New smaller switch is no longer pixelated on Windows/Linux

FIX 26750 IDE: No longer crashes if an ExternalScriptStep can't open the script.

FIX 27291 IDE: Real ID is no longer present on the sign in window.

FIX 26936 IDE: Relocating files updates the manifest with the selected files path.

FIX 15258 IDE: Removing a tab no longer removes controls from tab or page panels that may be enclosed that are on the same page or tab # as the one being removed.

FIX 26585 IDE: Removing items from a control array no longer results in the Navigator being out of sync.

FIX 15085 IDE: Resolving a deprecated super class also updates inherited view behaviors. We had been just updating the class' stated super.

FIX 19347 IDE: Right clicking on a database and then NOT selecting an item in the contextual menu no longer raises an exception.

FIX 27759 IDE: Save As functions as expected again.

FIX 27932 IDE: Search results for web projects properly include the control name so when you click the result row it can go to the right spot.

FIX 6889 IDE: Search should be reporting results for every possible item type - both in the name and the value.

FIX 27502 IDE: Selecting the running application in the Navigator and pressing delete is not longer allowed.

FIX 27795 IDE: Spotlight query has been removed from search results.

FIX 25947 IDE: Text in the Navigator no longer has a chiseled look to it.

FIX 26967 IDE: The Back and Forward buttons should work better when you are moving about within a layout, its controls and the events on those controls.

FIX 25479 IDE: The check item for errors on the code editor toolbar now works.

FIX 26910 IDE: The index.php file in www.xojo.com/doc was pointing to the wrong site.

FIX 27602 IDE: The message displayed when the debugged application cannot connect to the IDE no longer mentions the 'REALbasic IDE'.

FIX 26998 IDE: The online reference no longer causes an exception if you closed it while it was waiting to load (due to slow or offline Internet or web site).

FIX 23951 IDE: The Scope and Interfaces items should NOT show for menu items.

FIX 9874 IDE: Undoing the change of a super no longer changes the name of the item.

FIX 27123 IDE: Various editors no longer cause NilObjectExceptions when used in a floating palette.

FIX 26838 IDE: Web projects with a toolbar no longer get marked dirty when compiling.

FIX 27178 IDE: Web Viewer has been renamed back to HTML Viewer for web projects.

FIX 26244 IDE: When expanding rows in the Profiler, the parent row now only shows the amount of time that was actually spent in that method, not including the methods it has called. When it is collapsed, it shows a summary again.

FIX 24350 IDE: When resolving missing images, resolving one image now attempts to resolve all others in the same location.

FIX 24781 IDE: When you delete a project item the selection is set to something reasonable. In the specific case mentioned the app class is selected since the real item to select would be the "Contents" row which is not selectable. In other cases the enclosing item (parent item) will be selected.

FIX 26841 IDE: When you filter a list and alter an item (by making it internal or external) the filter is automatically rerun so the item remains in the visible list of items.

FIX 27575 IDE: When you have a code item (constant , event, method, property , etc ) selected the "analyze Item" is enabled. It will offer to analyze the container item (since you can't analyze a single method, property, constant, event, etc).

FIX 23953 IDE: _PhantomProfiler no longer shows in the class browser when setting a super.

FIX 27184 Lingua: "Export -> To Application" now generates correct strings files on OS X.

FIX 27482 Linux IDE: Database column inspector fields no longer contain extraneous characters for Name and Length labels

FIX 27016 Linux: Now uses the correct default font on Ubuntu Studio 13.04.

FIX 27513 Linux: Now uses the system default stack size for the main thread.

FIX 25301 MacCocoa: AppleScripts that return a value that can't be directly coerced to a string, like a list, now are coerced as 'human readable'. This matches the Carbon behavior.

FIX 27062 MacCocoa: ApplyMask now works correctly for pictures without alpha channels.

FIX 26980 MacCocoa: Assigning any value to Window.LiveResize no longer breaks window resizing.

FIX 26902 MacCocoa: Changing Canvas.UseFocusRing while the canvas has focus now works correctly.

FIX 27166 MacCocoa: Checkboxes in a ListBox are now drawn disabled if the Listbox is disabled.

FIX 25869 MacCocoa: Default buttons no longer draw a white rectangle if the caption is too large for the button.

FIX 23249 MacCocoa: Fixed an assertion that would occur when using RGBSurface.FloodFill on a picture with an alpha channel.

FIX 21670 MacCocoa: No longer asserts when trying to open an EPS file.

FIX 27066 MacCocoa: Non-resizable metal windows no longer have a border on the bottom.

FIX 27197 MacCocoa: Single line labels now center vertically.

FIX 23895 MacCocoa: The AppleEvent classes are now Unicode savvy.

FIX 27441 MacCocoa: When drawing or filling a round rectangle with a Width or Height of zero, a message about "CGPointApplyInverseAffineTransform" is no longer logged to console.

FIX 23384 MacCocoa: When drawing or filling a round rectangle with an OvalHeight or OvalWidth of zero, a message about "CGPointApplyInverseAffineTransform" is no longer logged to console.

FIX 26247 Profiler: Clicking on the name column no longer sorts the profiler as it can get things out of order.

FIX 25268 Web: Setting cookies now works more consistently.

FIX 27497 Web: WebHTMLViewer's default URL is now http://www.xojo.com/

FIX 27529 Web: WebSession.ConfirmationMessage now gets disabled if the browser disconnects from the web app.

FIX 27067 Web: WebSessionContext stores and returns valid sessions for the current thread again.

FIX 27054 Web: Windows CGI apps now build properly on Mac/Linux again.

FIX 27259 Windows IDE: adding an icon to a BevelButton no longer distorts the image each time the project is compiled

FIX 24515 Windows IDE: Inspector no longer flickers so much.

FIX 26978 Windows IDE: No longer need to press Del twice in Attributes editor to start deleting text.

FIX 26977 Windows IDE: Pressing Del in the Attributes editor no longer deletes the selected item.

FIX 27172 Windows IDE: Pressing the Enter key (the one on the numeric keypad) in the code editor now inserts a new line.

FIX 27141 Windows: Playing sounds (other than WAVs) no longer leak memory.

FIX 27475 Windows: SaveAsDialog no longer locks (which would prevent you from modifying/deleting it while your app was still running) the parent directory when selecting a file to save

FIX 27170 Windows: WebKit based HTMLViewer no longer suppresses the spacebar key.

New items

NEW 26879 Doc: User Guide and Wiki updated with sections for useful code editor keyboard shortcuts.

NEW 25820 DocLangRef: Added a new template for displaying methods that are used like properties.

NEW 23036 DocLangRef: Added ActionSource as an interface to Timer, PushButton, BevelButton and added an example to ActionSource.

NEW 22601 DocLangRef: Added example to ActionSource interface.

NEW 13539 DocLangRef: Clarified Window.Maximize, Minimize and Restore event handlers and methods.

NEW 16200 DocLangRef: Improved ListBox.ListIndex docs.

NEW 12555 DocLangRef: Removed NewMemoryBlock.

NEW 17761 DocLangRef: Test apps for deployment now accessible via doc wiki "Web Deployment Overview" page.

NEW 27732 Examples: Added IDECommunicator project to controlling the IDE using IDE Scripts from a command-line app.

NEW 27494 IDE: Added "Introduction to Programming" item to the Help menu.

NEW 21486 IDE: Attributes editor columns are now resizable.

NEW 26767 IDE: Changes to Find pane: the search scope is a segmented control so its easy to switch with icons for the segments; you can sort by type again (so all constant sort together , methods , etc); if you have sorted the list by one heading then that sort is reapplied when you just type a new search term.

NEW 13440 IDE: Class instances placed on a layout that have NO default constructor and no public zero parameter constructor will cause compilation to fail.

NEW 12344 IDE: Cmd-Option-H hides other applications.

NEW 26911 IDE: In the LR viewer, external links should now open in the default browser (including he new online reference external links for the PDF's & books).

NEW 27493 IDE: Menu title changed to read Xojo Support Forum.

NEW 27654 IDE: Profiler data can now be saved by right clicking on the profiler list

NEW 27024 IDE: Rows in the ListBox and PopupMenu inline editors can be reordered using drag and drop.

NEW 27711 IDE: Search segmented control has help tags to explain the settings.

NEW 27523 IDE: The Behavior Inspector dialog/sheet is now resizable to make it easier to edit default values.

NEW 26413 IDE: Thread(0) shows as "Main Thread" in profile results.

NEW 26890 IDE: Tightened the spacing on the Inspector.

NEW 21133 IDE: You can now override the default for each project type by having a binary project in the "Project Templates" folder with these names: Default Desktop Project.xojo_binary_project; Default Web Project.xojo_binary_project; Default Console Project.xojo_binary_project; Default iOS Project.xojo_binary_project (when we do this). If present, the above files are used as the default when creating a new project (instead of an empty project). If both a xojo_binary_project and rbp are present the xojo_binary_project will be used.

NEW 27483 Windows IDE: pressing enter/return to commit change to an inspector field no longer beeps


CHANGE 26973 Doc: Removed unused images from online wiki.

CHANGE 18100 Framework: Removed deprecated binding interfaces namely: BooleanProvider, ListInterface, StringInterface, StringProvider, DataAvailableProvider, BindingInterface, BindPartInterface, ListDataProvider, ListDataNotifier, ListDataNotificationReceiver, TupleInterface, EnablingBinder, ActionBinder, StringBinder, and ListBinder.

CHANGE 27827 IDE: Local LR updated as of June 28, 2013.

CHANGE 26969 IDE: The local language reference has been completely revamped so it looks like the online one. Content matches as of June 11, 2013.