New feature highlights

  • PostgreSQL SSL support.

  • Crypto module with support for SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, HMAC and PBKDF2.

  • WebCanvas control that uses the HTML5 Canvas for easier graphics drawing in your web applications.

  • Dynamic constants now supported with web applications to allow you to create multi-lingual web applications.

  • Web Control SDK: Easily add 3rd party web controls to web applications.

  • Faster Remote Debugging.

  • Added TextArea.LineHeight and TextArea.LineSpacing properties.

Bug fixes

  • FIX 22563 Compiler: Fixed a crash when parsing a method declaration that had a parameter with no name/type and just a default value. For example, “Sub Bar(=12)”.

  • FIX 22886 Compiler: No longer asserts when a class implements an invalid interface name.

  • FIX 22266 Database: Binding an empty string using RealSQLDatabase now works.

  • FIX 18347 Database: Extensive ODBC work done on text fields (and unicode text fields).

  • FIX 13853 Database: Extensive ODBC work done to improve unicode support. To connect to MySQL you should be using the latest version of the driver available from the driver vendor.

  • FIX 18026 Database: Extensive ODBC work was done to improve Unicode support.

  • FIX 13368 Database: No longer keeps the REALSQLDatabase database file locked when the connection failed.

  • FIX 19469 Database: ODBC plugin correctly identifies Boolean types.

  • FIX 20555 Database: ODBC with MS SQL now returns TRUE for BIT columns.

  • FIX 22858 Database: ODBCDatabase no longer fails on RecordSet.Update.

  • FIX 22075 Database: ODBCDatabase.DatabaseName is now correct when used with MS SQL Server.

  • FIX 22166 Database: PostgreSQLDatabase no longer crashes when binding an empty string.

  • FIX 22860 Database: Removed unsupported REALSQLDatabase.DebugMode property.

  • FIX 22654 Database: With PostgreSQLDatabase, accessing a RecordSet after it is closed (via RecordSet.Close or Database.Close) now raises an UnsupportedOperationException instead of crashing.

  • FIX 19253 Desktop: Clipping an already clipped Graphics with negative X/Y now works properly.

  • FIX 22913 Desktop: Instead of crashing when a closed window is used as the parent for ShowWithin/ShowModalWithin, the framework now raises an UnsupportedOperationException.

  • FIX 2122 Desktop: Listbox vertical scrollbar is now updated properly when DefaultRowHeight is changed.

  • FIX 22551 Desktop: Now raises an OutOfBoundsException if the rectangle passed into Window.Bounds’ setter has a negative Width or Height.

  • FIX 22604 Desktop: Scroll wheel deltas are correct when natural scrolling is disabled.

  • FIX 22802 Desktop: When showing a modal window in a ContextualMenuAction event, the contextual menu now gets cleaned up properly instead of the Base menu item being reused on subsequent contextual clicks.

  • FIX 22066 DocLangRef: Added CountFields and CountFieldsB to Text Strings category.

  • FIX 21789 DocLangRef: Added info about when MemoryBlock.StringValue can raise an OutOfBoundsException.

  • FIX 7748 DocLangRef: Added links to platform-specific error codes for Serial.LastErrorCode

  • FIX 22763 DocLangRef: Added missing RemoteAddress parameter to WebApplication.SessionWithIdentifier.

  • FIX 4487 DocLangRef: Added note about using ContainerControls with Window.Control property.

  • FIX 18866 DocLangRef: Added Ptr declaration to MemoryBlock.Operator_Convert.

  • FIX 22616 DocLangRef: Added Rect.LocalPoint and Rect.LocalRect.

  • FIX 22421 DocLangRef: Clarified “All” property on FileType.

  • FIX 20583 DocLangRef: Clarified all parameters for WebSession.Cookies.Set.

  • FIX 21796 DocLangRef: Clarified Border property Double vs. Boolean usage.

  • FIX 22637 DocLangRef: Clarified Me vs. Self.

  • FIX 12896 DocLangRef: Clarified that arrays and object types are always passed ByRef.

  • FIX 21790 DocLangRef: Clarified that Movie properties require QuickTime on Windows and are not available at all on Linux.

  • FIX 22460 DocLangRef: Clarified that the Window function returns Nil for unavailable window numbers.

  • FIX 14049 DocLangRef: Combined Invoke into one entry in the MethodInfo method table.

  • FIX 22510 DocLangRef: Fixed examples for FileType to show Icon property is read-only.

  • FIX 22566 DocLangRef: Fixed examples for MySQLPreparedStatement to use correct bind types.

  • FIX 22678 DocLangRef: Fixed typo in BevelButton.List.

  • FIX 22867 DocLangRef: MouseUp is called even if mouse is released outside the control.

  • FIX 22983 DocLangRef: MySQLCommunityServer.GetInsertID and GetAffectedRows now indicate that UInt64 is used.

  • FIX 22618 DocLangRef: Noted that Picture.Save will overwrite existing files.

  • FIX 23320 DocLangRef: RecordSet.RecordCount is now identified as a method and not a property.

  • FIX 23052 DocLangRef: Removed invalid ConstructorInfo.ReturnType property.

  • FIX 18419 DocLangRef: Report.Units now redirects to Reports page where they are described.

  • FIX 12862 DocLangRef: Searching for Build Automation brings up the IDE Script topic in the wiki which describes Build Automation, IDE Script and related features. The new User Guide also has a section on Build Automation.

  • FIX 5453 DocLangRef: Specified timeout units for DoShellCommand (milliseconds) and ODBCDatabase (seconds).

  • FIX 21735 DocLangRef: TabPanel Append method now links to correct page.

  • FIX 20330 DocLangRef: Updated Canvas.Paint examples.

  • FIX 22018 DocLangRef: Updated description of RegistrationAccessErrorException.

  • FIX 17909 DocLangRef: Updated examples for PropertyInfo.Value to show how to set/get a value and how to access an array.

  • FIX 22427 DocLangRef: Updated examples for RGBSurface.

  • FIX 22406 DocLangRef: Updated ListBox.AddFolder reference to example project.

  • FIX 11830 DocLangRef: Updated MouseCursor to indicate Control and Window MouseCursors only work when Application MouseCursor is Nil.

  • FIX 22863 DocLangRef: Updated RectControl.Parent description.

  • FIX 22700 DocLangRef: Updated Toolbar example.

  • FIX 20586 DocLangRef: WebFile.Cached documented.

  • FIX 18898 DocLangRef: WebPopupMenu methods now in docs.

  • FIX 17501 DocPluginsSDK: Added new REALcontrolHandlesKeyboardNavigation flag. This flag only applies on Windows, use it to suppress the default keyboard focus navigation (i.e. suppress arrow keys and modifier-less keyboard mnemonics from switching control focus).

  • FIX 12220 DocUserGuide: Added information about Accept File Types setting for OS X builds.

  • FIX 3651 DocUserGuide: Documented Lock Position for controls.

  • FIX 22595 DocUserGuide: Updated Obtaining Updates section.

  • FIX 10105 Examples: Added GraphicsPrintingExample.rbp.

  • FIX 9576 Examples: All included examples have been updated to latest version.

  • FIX 9990 Examples: Duplicate examples removed.

  • FIX 4471 Examples: Removed outdated ContextualMenu examples.

  • FIX 9963 Examples: Updated Copy and Move Example.

  • FIX 22302 Examples: Updated FluidsDemo.rbp.

  • FIX 14447 Examples: Updated TrayExample.rbp.

  • FIX 21321 Framework: Drawing Object2D objects with rotation now works in Console/Web apps.

  • FIX 22376 Framework: HTTPSocket Content-Type and Content-Length headers are no longer dependent on the selected method.

  • FIX 22839 Framework: HTTPSocket: Removed handling for HTTP 1.1 chunked responses.

  • FIX 20587 Framework: IPCSockets no longer can hang trying to do DNS resolution when connecting.

  • FIX 22706 Framework: JSONItem no longer fails with an OutOfBoundsException when initialized with an empty string.

  • FIX 22262 Framework: MemoryBlock no longer reads memory outside of the MemoryBlock’s bounds when getting the value of a 24-bit color.

  • FIX 22517 Framework: Renamed Encodings.UCS4 to UTF32, this encoding assumes the endianness of the machine and does not add a BOM to the string (this is inline with that Encodings.UTF16 does currently). UTF32 now works on Windows.

  • FIX 22235 Framework: When a hidden container becomes visible its children are no longer hidden initially.

  • FIX 15458 IDE: Constants now work for the Web Page Editor.

  • FIX 22621 IDE: Copy files steps for Windows no longer create an additional folder named with the full name of the windows executable + libs.

  • FIX 21775 IDE: Exported web pages, web dialogs & styles in vcp format can now be imported again.

  • FIX 14781 IDE: Filetype Sets entries which contain a MacType or MacCreator which contain trailing spaces no longer get trimmed.

  • FIX 23189 IDE: Hidden properties are not shown in the Property Behavior window.

  • FIX 13944 IDE: Invalid xml will not cause an error in reading the multi item file but may still produce an XML error if you try to import it.

  • FIX 22989 IDE: Project Template window now has an appropriate minimum size.

  • FIX 21643 IDE: Properties for Major, Minor, Debug, Non-Release, and Stage should never print out in scientific notation.

  • FIX 22612 IDE: Remote Debugging “Failed to connect properly.” message is now a dynamic constant.

  • FIX 8865 IDE: Report Editor controls whose height and/or width are zero or one are now selectable and draggable.

  • FIX 19423 IDE: The IDE no longer takes a long time to start/quit due to temporary files accumulating.

  • FIX 21998 IDE: The semicolon (;) is not allowed in folder names as it breaks VCP projects.

  • FIX 20251 IDE: The text in the dialog that warns when a control that doesn’t support composite windows is added to a composite window, has been updated. The updated text removes information such as versions of Mac OS that are no longer supported. The text was also rewritten to better conform with Apple’s UI guidelines for dialog boxes.

  • FIX 22948 IDE: The UTI column of a file type is also searched.

  • FIX 23294 IDE: Using the Style Editor to edit the background of the style no longer throws an OutOfMemoryException on Windows.

  • FIX 22932 IDE: We no longer require a tickle of the Finder to make the icon show & this fixes an issue on 10.8.2.

  • FIX 22605 Linux TextArea/TextField: when the selection change is caused by a mouse event, the SelChange event now fires before the mouse is released like other platforms

  • FIX 22952 Linux: calling the Keyboard Async key methods (i.e. AsyncKeyDown, AsyncShiftKey, etc.) in App.Open, or in a tight loop, now works

  • FIX 22540 Linux: CanGoBack, GoBack, CanGoForward and GoForward now work properly with the WebKit based HTMLViewer.

  • FIX 22476 Linux: Graphics DrawRect, DrawRoundRect, and Pixel now draw correctly instead of being off by 1.

  • FIX 23150 Linux: MenuItems no longer leaks memory, especially if a Tag was assigned.

  • FIX 17539 Linux: Picture.Open no longer crashes when called from a thread.

  • FIX 22354 Linux: Plugins drawing pictures on a graphics from an Offscreen Paint event now offsets the picture properly.

  • FIX 22584 Linux: Setting the Text on the Clipboard no longer wipes out the Picture that was on the clipboard, and vice versa.

  • FIX 22576 Linux: ShowURL now works in newer distros (like Ubuntu 12.04) by using xdg-open to open the file or URL in the user’s preferred application.

  • FIX 22190 Mac: App.LongVersion string no longer has the wrong encoding set.

  • FIX 22668 Mac: rbframework.dylib has been moved from Contents/MacOS/ to Contents/Frameworks/ in order to be compatible with XPC.

  • FIX 19046 Mac: Variant.CFStringRefValue no longer leaks CFStrings.

  • FIX 22494 MacCocoa: An ApplicationMenuItem instance no longer appears in both the application menu and the parent designated in the IDE at design time.

  • FIX 21755 MacCocoa: Calling ShowWithin and then Show on a sheet window no longer causes the parent window to go away when the sheet is closed.

  • FIX 22429 MacCocoa: DragItem.Drag now starts in the correct position if invoked during a MouseDrag event.

  • FIX 22995 MacCocoa: Graphics.DrawString no longer crashes if the string contains invalid data for the specified encoding.

  • FIX 23043 MacCocoa: Graphics.StringWidth no longer crashes if the string contains invalid data for the specified encoding.

  • FIX 21937 MacCocoa: IsContextualMenu now returns true for control clicks.

  • FIX 693 MacCocoa: Keyboard.KeyName now works with non-QWERTY keyboard layouts.

  • FIX 9285 MacCocoa: KeyChain.Delete no longer causes crashes.

  • FIX 18665 MacCocoa: ListBox headers left/right edge no longer overlap its border.

  • FIX 22319 MacCocoa: Listbox no longer fires the ValueChanged event twice for the same value when scrolling with the scroll thumb.

  • FIX 21756 MacCocoa: Listbox resizing with the scroll thumb at its max now scrolls the contents (on the left) into view properly instead of creating display artifacts.

  • FIX 22471 MacCocoa: Listbox ScrollPosition is now correctly updated after the Listbox contents have changed.

  • FIX 21795 MacCocoa: MoviePlayer no longer crashes when setting the Movie property a second time.

  • FIX 21527 MacCocoa: MsgBox displays strings without encodings by replacing all ‘invisible’ characters with the Unicode replacement character.

  • FIX 17944 MacCocoa: No longer crashes if a ListBox cell’s string value contains invalid data for the specified encoding.

  • FIX 22715 MacCocoa: No longer crashes when inside of obj_msgSend due to sending mouseMoved: to a deallocated object.

  • FIX 22197 MacCocoa: No longer leaks memory when assigning to the Label.Text property.

  • FIX 18601 MacCocoa: PrefsMenuItem automatically gets the Command-, keyboard shortcut.

  • FIX 17221 MacCocoa: Pressing Shift-Tab now reports the key as character 9 instead of 25.

  • FIX 18769 MacCocoa: Profiler now works with Cocoa builds.

  • FIX 17587 MacCocoa: RefreshRect no longer clears the whole window/canvas.

  • FIX 20183 MacCocoa: Setting TextArea.Text no longer causes bizarre behavior if the string contains invalid data for the specified encoding.

  • FIX 16611 MacCocoa: Setting TextArea.Text no longer causes runtime errors if the string contains invalid data for the specified encoding.

  • FIX 22374 MacCocoa: Showing a sheet window no longer makes the parent window look inactive.

  • FIX 22835 MacCocoa: TextArea.AppendText no longer silently fails if the string contains invalid data for the specified encoding.

  • FIX 21856 MacCocoa: TextField.Border is now preserved when toggling TextField.Password.

  • FIX 19128 MacCocoa: TextField.Border now works correctly with password fields.

  • FIX 16608 MacCocoa: TextField.Copy and TextField.Paste no longer cause assertions.

  • FIX 22607 MacCocoa: TextField.SelectAll is now functional.

  • FIX 10033 MacCocoa: TextField/TextArea masks now work.

  • FIX 18771 MacCocoa: The EditCopy menu item now copies the contents of the ListBox cell being edited instead of the entire row.

  • FIX 20928 MacCocoa: Tooltip.Show no longer crashes if the string contains invalid data for the specified encoding.

  • FIX 11690 MacCocoa: Window.KeyDown now fires even if no control on the window has keyboard focus.

  • FIX 23034 Remote Debugger: Stub no longer displays “Untitled Window” in the menubar in Ubuntu 12.

  • FIX 23302 Web: Control Array “Add” function no longer takes multiple steps to move forward in the debugger.

  • FIX 22487 Web: Controls that have been removed from the DOM will no longer be queried for their value.

  • FIX 21897 Web: Dynamically created WebContainers are now destroyed when they are closed.

  • FIX 22394 Web: Fixed a bug that could hide an exception behind a NilObjectException.

  • FIX 22537 Web: Fixed a bug which caused server responses to get exponentially slower depending on their size.

  • FIX 21764 Web: Framework: Fixed a bug that could cause commands to reach the browser in the wrong order.

  • FIX 22964 Web: Gradients now work properly in Internet Explorer 10.

  • FIX 21030 Web: HelpTag: Fixed a bug where help tags which contained quotes would not render completely.

  • FIX 22259 Web: iOS no longer shows the loading progress indicator after the app has loaded.

  • FIX 22177 Web: Rapidly fired user events no longer cause NilObjectExceptions in the WebControl event handler.

  • FIX 23049 Web: Replaced AJAX push connection with HTML5 EventSource to work around a vendor bug on iOS.

  • FIX 22371 Web: The error dialog no longer appears behind other controls.

  • FIX 21437 Web: Threads no longer leak.

  • FIX 23270 Web: WebContainer control arrays no longer fail with JavaScript errors.

  • FIX 21058 Web: WebContainers added programmatically to Control Arrays no longer cause JavaScript errors.

  • FIX 22721 Web: WebContainers no longer leak.

  • FIX 17256 Web: WebContainers now fire MouseUp events in IE7 and IE8.

  • FIX 21487 Web: WebControl Destructors now fire properly.

  • FIX 22273 Web: WebDialogs now show properly the second time on IE8.

  • FIX 22719 Web: WebDialogs, Webpages and WebContainers no longer leak.

  • FIX 18149 Web: WebPage Resize events are now sent to hidden WebPages.

  • FIX 19418 Web: WebRadioGroup WebRadioButtons are now grouped separately when used in WebContainers.

  • FIX 14425 Web: WebSegmentedControl now sends ListIndex changes to the browser.

  • FIX 22609 Web: WebSession.Secure property now only autocompletes as a getter.

  • FIX 20713 Web: WebSessions no longer leak memory.

  • FIX 22848 Windows: Assigning an icon to a MenuItem no longer leaks memory (this could lead to an OutOfMemoryException at some point).

  • FIX 8076 Windows: Date.ShortDate no longer returns a string without a known encoding.

  • FIX 22435 Windows: DrawLine with the same coordinates, i.e. x1 = x2 = y1 = y2 now draws a pixel like it does on OS X and Linux.

  • FIX 22106 Windows: HTMLViewer no longer crashes when calling IsAvailable.

  • FIX 22822 Windows: HTMLViewer no longer crashes when calling LoadURL within the Constructor.

  • FIX 22202 Windows: Listbox ThinDotted grid lines now draw correctly when App.UseGDIPlus is enabled.

  • FIX 21769 Windows: No longer ignores the WCS/ICC color profile when loading images that have these profiles embedded in them.

  • FIX 22126 Windows: Print method in Console apps no longer appends an extra carriage return on Windows.

  • FIX 22020 Windows: RegistryItem was not honoring some custom permission settings in the Registry and just assumed that if it couldn’t do all of the things to that Registry item then all it could do is read/query it.

  • FIX 22696 Windows: Right mouse click now triggers MouseUp event when returning True in MouseDown.

  • FIX 21720 Windows: Service apps no longer raises an assertion when calling DoEvents.

  • FIX 21837 Windows: TextField/TextArea KeyDown event now reports the Key correctly for non-ASCII keys.

New items

  • NEW 35 Database: PostgreSQL Plugin now supports SSL connections using the following properties:

SSLMode As Integer – can be one of the following constant values defined on the PostgreSQLDatabase class:

SSLDisable (default) – only try a non-SSL connection

SSLAllow – first try a non-SSL connection; if that fails, try an SSL connection

SSLPrefer – first try an SSL connection; if that fails, try a non-SSL connection

SSLRequire – only try an SSL connection. If a root CA file is present, verify the certificate in the same way as if verify-ca was specified

SSLVerifyCA – only try an SSL connection, and verify that the server certificate is issued by a trusted CA

SSLVerifyFull – only try an SSL connection, verify that the server certificate is issued by a trusted CA and that the server hostname matches that in the certificate

SSLCertificate As FolderItem – This property specifies the file name of the client SSL certificate, replacing the default ~/.postgresql/postgresql.crt. This parameter is ignored if an SSL connection is not made

SSLKey As FolderItem – This property specifies the location for the secret key used for the client certificate. It can specify a filename that will be used instead of the default ~/.postgresql/postgresql.key

Connect also takes an optional additionalOptions As String parameter. Additional connection options can be found here: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.1/static/libpq-connect.html

Note: the additional options are passed as is (i.e. not escaped in any way)

  • NEW 7269 Framework: Added Crypto module:

Enumeration Crypto.Algorithm MD5 SHA1 SHA256 SHA512

New functions:

Crypto.Hash (Data As MemoryBlock, Algorithm As Cryto.Algorithm) As MemoryBlock

Crypto.MD5 (Data As MemoryBlock) As MemoryBlock

Crypto.SHA1 (Data As MemoryBlock) As MemoryBlock

Crypto.SHA256 (Data As MemoryBlock) As MemoryBlock

Crypto.SHA512 (Data As MemoryBlock) As MemoryBlock

Crypto.HMAC (Salt As String, Data As MemoryBlock, Algorithm As Crypto.Algorithm) As MemoryBlock

Crypto.PBKDF2 (Salt As String, Data As MemoryBlock, Iterations As Integer, desiredHashLength As Integer, Algorithm As Crypto.Algorithm) As MemoryBlock

The MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512 functions are basically just convenience methods for Crypto.Hash.

  • NEW 23093 Framework: Crypto.HMAC renamed salt parameter to key.

  • NEW 21912 Framework: TextArea: Added LineHeight and LineSpacing properties.

LineHeight As Double

  • Controls the height of each line in the TextArea control (it is global so the effect spans all paragraphs). A value of 0 maintains the default line height of the control, while any other value changes the height of each line. The value is tied to the TextUnit property, so if the TextUnit is in Inches then the LineHeight value specifies a height in Inches.

LineSpacing As Double

  • This controls the spacing between lines. So if you wanted your lines to be double spaced, you would enter a value of 2. The default value is 1, or single spaced.

  • NEW 22629 IDE Scripting: Added a ShowDialog method for showing a MessageDialog during execution of a script.

  • NEW 16203 Linux: Speak method is now available (requires eSpeak which is installed by default on Ubuntu 10.04 or newer).

  • NEW 19186 Web: Added a command-line argument to allow users to set the maximum number of simultaneous connections. The default is 200. Usage: –maxsockets=200

  • NEW 14927 Web: Added WebCanvas control to manage graphics on web pages. WebCanvas works similarly to Canvas.

  • NEW 13727 Web: Dynamic Constants now work in Web projects.

  • NEW 23238 Web: Errors written to Errors.Log when App.UnhandledException does not return True now have a SQL Date/Time written with them.

  • NEW 15251 Web: HTMLArea control included in the Web Custom Control SDK Examples.

  • NEW 19123 Web: Implemented first version of the Web Control SDK.

  • NEW 22344 Web: Right-left languages are now supported.


  • CHANGE 21799 Compiler: Items that would be placed in the resource fork of a built application in a project are no longer supported.

Projects that have these will no longer compile. A issue resolution dialog will be presented when such a project is opened. New resource fork items cannot be added to projects.

  • CHANGE 22939 Compiler: The error message “method or property missing” has been changed to reflect the fact that its not always a method or property that’s missing.

  • CHANGE 21640 Database: DatabaseCursorField.MacPictValue and DatabaseRecord.MacPictColumn have been removed.

  • CHANGE 21906 Database: MySQLCommunityServer Plugin changes:

Deprecated ConnectSSL, use the following properties instead:

SSLMode As Boolean (default False) – Set to true to enable an SSL connection

SSLKey As FolderItem – the path to the key file

SSLCertificate As FolderItem – the path to the certificate file

SSLAuthority As FolderItem – the path to the certificate authority file

SSLAuthorityDirectory As FolderItem – the path to a directory that contains trusted SSL CA certificates in PEM format

SSLCipher As String – list of permissible ciphers to use for SSL encryption

  • CHANGE 22107 Desktop: Removed RB3D class.

  • CHANGE 22140 Desktop: Removed SpriteSurface and ToolbarItem classes.

  • CHANGE 18256 Desktop: The Canvas.Paint event now has an additional parameter, areas() as REALbasic.Rect, that indicate what areas of the Canvas that need redrawing. If the array is empty, the entire control needs to be redrawn.

  • CHANGE 22981 DocLangRef: Added Compiler category, and link in Theme section of LR.

  • CHANGE 21842 DocLangRef: Added docs for Shell.Canonical.

  • CHANGE 12885 DocLangRef: Added Signature for Reports.Run that takes a RecordSet.

  • CHANGE 20828 DocLangRef: Clarified ContainerControl.EmbedWithin and added an example.

  • CHANGE 21992 DocLangRef: Documented MSSQLServerPreparedStatement class.

  • CHANGE 22543 DocLangRef: Removed duplicate LoadPage entry in Method list.

  • CHANGE 14250 DocLangRef: Simplified example for Picture.Open.

  • CHANGE 22973 DocLangRef: TextInputStream.PositionB is a read/write property.

  • CHANGE 14413 DocLangRef: Updated deprecation messages for FolderItem.MacDirID and MacVRefNum.

  • CHANGE 20611 DocLangRef: Updated docs to indicate that WebApplication.Icon is used as the FavIcon.

  • CHANGE 23334 DocLR: Local Language Reference updated.

  • CHANGE 7338 DocUserGuide: User Interface Guide has links to platform UI standards.

  • CHANGE 20098 Framework: All exported functions now use RBInteger to prepare for 64-bit support.

  • CHANGE 21636 Framework: MemoryBlock.MidB and MemoryBlock.LeftB now work with MemoryBlocks created from pointers.

  • CHANGE 20369 IDE: Local Language Reference replacements should use more recent information.

  • CHANGE 22404 IDE: Plugins can now be loaded from zip files, which should still have the RBX file extension. It also can now load plugins from ordinary directories. In both cases, the structure must match what has traditionally been inside of the VirtualVolume that the Plugin Converter created.

Note that HTML help will only work with VirtualVolume-based plugins in this release.

  • CHANGE 20698 Mac: the ResourceFork class has been removed.

  • CHANGE 22764 MacCocoa: The Cocoa framework now builds against the 10.7 SDK.

  • CHANGE 23033 Remote Debugger: Removed use of ResourceFork.

  • CHANGE 2398 Remote Debugging: Starting with 2012r2 and Debugger Stub 1.9, debugged apps are now compressed with gzip to increase transfer speed.

  • CHANGE 22080 Web: Internet Explorer 7 now requires the ChromeFrame plugin.

  • CHANGE 22278 Web: Perl path for Windows builds is now c:\perl\bin\perl.exe

  • CHANGE 19372 Web: Web Edition Standalone Apps are no longer required to have different Application Identifiers; running on different ports is sufficient.

  • CHANGE 23356 WebSDK: Namespace declaration has been changed to a Constant from an event.

Constant JavascriptNamespace as String

  • CHANGE 21298 Windows, Linux: TrayItem fixes:

  • Now throws a PlatformNotSupportedException when used on OS X

  • Assigning an empty help tag on Windows now works

  • App.AddTrayItem would return a false positive on Linux when it really did add the tray item so we’ll now assume the tray was added successfully and let the user run their main event loop and use declares to determine the actual state of the tray (i.e. whether or not it was really added). See the TrayItem example which includes the declare to check this.