2012r2.1 is a maintenance release.

To view the Feedback case links below, you will need to have Feedback installed.


  • 23508 Debugger Stub: Now checks to make sure the destination folder Exists and isWritable before trying to write to it.

  • 10342 Debugger Stub: Spaces in the app path are now escaped when launching console apps on Linux.

  • 23452 Desktop: Toolbar items (ToolItem) can be usefully subclassed now.

  • 23480 Framework: SSLSocket events no longer fire on a non-main thread (unless Poll is called from that thread).

  • 23755 IDE: An issue where changes to web projects saved in vcp format were not being saved has been corrected.

  • 19569 IDE: default.lproj localization files are no longer generated.

  • 21386 IDE: Notes in properties no longer get leading or trailing blank lines stripped when saved in VCP format.

  • 23511 IDE: Profiler times are now properly reported in seconds (not milliseconds).

  • 15997 MacCocoa: KeyDown events no longer forces the key to be ASCII and instead passes it through in its full Unicode glory.

  • 23476 Remote Debugger Stub: Now identifies itself as “Remote Debugger Stub” instead of “Real Studio” to Windows.

  • 2318 Remote Debugger Stub: Transfer speed to Windows has been greatly improved.

  • 23553 Web: Fixed a bug where an empty string sent to the browser could cause a JSON error.

  • 23460 Web: Framework: Data no longer leaks between sessions.

  • 23469 Web: Framework: Fixed a bug that caused extra data to be sent to browsers, causing JavaScript errors.

  • 23341 Web: WebPage.Title now correctly renders dynamic constants assigned in the IDE.

  • 23535 WebCanvas: Fixed a bug on international systems that caused RoundRect corners to be drawn inverted.

  • 23555 WebCanvas: Fixed a case where the Invalidate method could become unresponsive if no changes were made between Paint events.

  • 23487 DocLangRef: Updated local LR for 2012r2.1.