A maintenance release, 2012r1.1 addresses these Feedback cases:


  • 22397: Alpha check for r1.1 has been fixed

  • 22326: Carbon: No longer crashes when calling GetData on a Picture loaded from a PICT

  • 22536: Console: using OLEObject no longer fails with an assertion

  • 22340: Console: Using the AppleEvent classes no longer causes a crash on startup.

  • 22318: Debugger: Again works on Mac OS X 10.5.

  • 22274: Framework: Fixed a bug in HTTPSocket and HTTPSecureSocket which caused the synchronous calls to GET, POST and SendRequest to include NULL characters.

  • 22488: HTTPSocket, HTTPSecureSocket: Fixed a regression where synchronous requests could time out even if all of the data was received.

  • 22246: HTTPSocket: Content-Length header is now being reset to zero before each request

  • 22495: HTTPSocket: Headers are now written in the same order as they were in earlier versions

  • 22363: IDE: Binary data written to an XML formatted project file is again properly encoded as hex bytes when needed

  • 4476: IDE: FileAlias is no longer duplicated in saved projects

  • 22338: Linux: entering input in a TextField, with a Mask set, no longer raises an assertion

  • 19403: Linux: IDE is localized again.

  • 21876: MacCocoa: Custom tab orders are now respected.

  • 22207: MacCocoa: No longer leaks memory after receiving a drop via DragItem.

  • 18819: OS X: Application menus are now localized properly

  • 22341: Web: Fixed a bug in our session cookie that caused Apache’s Mod_Security module to complain.

  • 16235: Web: WebPopupMenu: Fixed a bug where setting an illegal ListIndex did not get changed to -1

  • 22323: Windows: Again looks in the generic Libs folder for DLLs.