Tips for searching the documentation

Our documentation provides real-time search results that appear as you type. If what you are looking for doesn't appear, entering more words often helps.

Searching for a class

Type the full name of the class, for example, Folderitem.

Searching for a class event, property, method

When searching for any class member, enter it using the standard class.member format. For example, Folderitem.Child.

Searching for a control

When searching for a control, if you know the exact name, enter that. However, if you type the general name (checkbox for example), the first result will be a page that lists the control classes for each project type.

Searching for release notes and system requirements

Search for "Release Notes" or "System requirements" to find them for the current release. Release notes and system requirements for previous versions are not indexed for searching. Instead, you can access them directly in the Resources section in the sidebar.

Excluding keywords from your search results

To exclude a keyword from your search, prefix it with a minus (-) symbol. For example, to search for Listbox and exclude deprecated, enter listbox -deprecated.

Still haven't found what you're looking for?

If what you entered produced unhelpful search results, take a screenshot and create an issue so we can look into it.