This item was deprecated in version 2019r2. Please use DesktopListBox.addExpandableRow as a replacement.


Appends text in a new row to the end of the list and adds disclosure triangle only if the Hierarchical property is set to True.


For multi-column ListBoxes, Item is always assigned to column zero. In the case of hierarchical ListBoxes, AddFolder appends Item to the subitems of the expanded row when called in the ExpandRow event.

Sample code

The following example adds creates a hierarchical ListBox. Note that AddFolder must be called to create the hierarchical relationship.

Dim u As Integer
Dim s1, sub1 As String
Me.ColumnWidths = "150,0"
s1 = "Michigan,Ohio,Minnesota"
sub1 = "Grand Blanc,Bad Axe,Flint,Benton Harbor,"_
+ "Detroit;Cleveland,Columbus,Akron,Pleasantville;St. Paul,Frostbite Falls"
u = CountFields(s1, ",")
For i As Integer = 1 To u
  If NthField(sub1, ";", i) <> "" Then
    Me.Cell(i - 1, 1) = NthField(sub1, ";", i)
  End If
  Me.Cell(i - 1, 0) = NthField(s1, ",", i)
Me.ColumnCount = 1


All projects types on all supported operating systems.