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Here are places around the web to find discussion about Xojo programming.



Xojo Forum

The Xojo forum is a fun and inviting place where the users are friendly and helpful. This is a great place to ask questions, find answers and help others.


With hundreds of videos on a variety of topics, the Xojo YouTube channel is a great resource for expanding your Xojo skills. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and leave us a comment if you have questions or tried one of our tips.


For news, tips and Xojo information be sure to follow us on Twitter and take part in the conversation: * @Xojo * @XojoES (Spanish language Twitter) * #Xojo - Browse the Twitter Hashtag for conversations about Xojo


The Xojo page on Facebook is a great place for users to stay on top of Xojo news and information. * Official Xojo Page * I'm a Xojo Developer * Xojo Made Applications * Xojo User Group * Xojo-Inc. Español


Follow Xojo on LinkedIn for news, information and to connect with other professional Xojo users.


The Xojo subreddit is a fun place to find and share links and information about Xojo programming. Be sure to subscribe if you're a Redditor.


If images are more your style, check out Xojo on Instagram.

Stack Overflow

You might be able to help out with questions tagged for Xojo.


A great developer community where you can set up your own free account to blog about Xojo.


Xojo articles on the Medium blogging platform.


100s of Xojo open-source projects for you to use and contribute.


Annual user conference meetup with Xojo developers who attend from all over the world.

Events and Meetups

Meetups take place all over the world, check here for one near you or you can even set one up!


Javier blogs regularly about Xojo and programming (in Spanish).


Regular posts news and Xojo topics.

MonkeyBread Software

Tips, news and Xojo information.

Garry Pettet on YouTube

Videos about the Xojo Programming Language

Learn with Byron on YouTube

Videos aimed at beginners using the Xojo Programming Language

Braham Creation 2 go

Videos about the Xojo Programming Language

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